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DONT YELL AT ME collaborated with one of Taipei’s finest coffee shop- URANIUM, to launch a popupcafé at  COMMUE A7, an outdoor marketplace consisted of many  known restaurants in the form ofcontainer houses.


The design of our container house has a deep and special meaning. For the exterior we used materialsthat can  blurrily reflect the surrounding colors. As for the interior,

we used bright lights and white paints. The meaning of  this design is to emphasize the irony of currentsociety.  Moreover, we wish to remind people to live in the moment  and to not become hypocrites underthe pressure from  the society.


Amazingly, the coffee and milk based drinks, having the  smallest volume (300ml) and the highest price(NT$100),  at the café quickly became very popular thanks to the

Between daily tea time

Tea tasting should have been a quality event that takes time, but people often rush it as a result of chasing and fulfilling their dreams.


Fortunately, in our teashop you get to take a short break to enjoy quality teas and rest your bustling heart.


May everyone discover the goodness of everyday life be- tween tea times, and pass on good and positive values through themselves.


Our tea

Like the communication, resonance, and sparks between people;


We will make the jasmine of the old master formula, the four seasons green tea,

With winter melon and chrysanthemum, grapefruit and lychee, kumgwat and osmanthus,Combine these different elements to find new flavors.


Discover the happiness of everyday life between daily tea time.

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