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In order to comply with the trend and trend of rapid changes in the times, we are the only chain catering corporate body integrating design, catering, marketing and entertainment companies in Taiwan. In the future, we can provide more comprehensive vertical and horizontal integration capabilities.

「He」In Chinese means have a sense of group consciousness and aim to be together ;

「Shi」In Chinese means in addition to eating this action, we also care about the ingredients

He Shi in Chinese also means “zen gesture” To be grateful for all encounters, acquaintances and past or future in the world.



The clear drinking tea portrait is the focus of the overall brand vision, and there is also a difference between the presentation of the cold cup and the hot cup. The cold cup is a happy face, with "likes sincerity, hate and flattery, but I don't say it", expressing the optimistic and positive attitude to face the various kitsch in the world. The hot cup is paired with a crying face. In addition to giving a little warmth and encouragement to those who are frustrated on the road of life, they also help them express their unspeakable mood. In the design of the store, black, silver, gray, white to create a textured texture, with a cultural heritage. All this is only to be closer to the people, let people know that despite the troubles of the world, there is still someone who knows you, I am here to accompany you.



Whether the store employee or a franchisee, "DONT YELL AT ME", the headquarters will provide a complete and systematic education and training to ensure that every partner who joins can understand the brand concept, product production process, business direction, Operational content, and all related obligations and responsibilities. The operational supervisor will regularly inspect the operation status of each store and conduct store-point counseling to create the sustainable development of the business of each partner.

"DONT YELL AT ME" for the sake of all members, have the opportunity to participate in the decision, clear goals, teamwork, adherence to "being thoughtful, natural, professional, friendly", and learning from experience, creating the same reason for the guests The service tenet of the heart.



Different from the normal franchise beverage store, we care a lot about the essence, so the menu items have their own ingenuity, the items are also simplified, we can be adjusted according to customized. In 2017, Taiwanese tea, which has been in operation for more than 40 years, and Taiwanese tea, as well as products with traditional beverage elements, will continue to be the first to introduce high-quality, popular drinks.



Team members possess profound experience to create a complete business organization. The core team is responsible for business operations, brand design, market operations at Taiwan and abroad, and business joining. Let "DONT YELL AT ME" is not only a trend-driven brand, but also a deep and international brand in Taiwan and even around the world.

Cross-industry cooperation


Tel.   02-2753-5530

Adr. No. 8, Lane 22, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 

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