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Corporate Vision

In order to comply with the rapid changes and trends of the times, Heshi Food & Beverage Consultant Co., Ltd. is the only chain catering corporate body integrating design, catering, marketing and entertainment companies in Taiwan. It can provide more vertical and horizontal integration capabilities in the future.

Corporate Mission

“He”In Chinese means have a sense of group consciousness and aim to be together ;

“Shi”In Chinese means in addition to eating this action, we also care about the ingredients

“He Shi” in Chinese also means “zen gesture” To be grateful for all encounters, acquaintances and past or future in the world.

Business ethics

We also believe that employees and franchisees are the business partners of the food, and it is an indispensable resource for us. With the spirit of dedication and dedication, we are fully committed to exerting our personal potential and strength, recognizing the direction of the company and making unremitting efforts, and expecting the personal mind and professional operation to keep moving forward at any time. "DONT YELL AT ME" for the sake of all members, have the opportunity to participate in the decision, the goal is clear, unite and cooperate, and adhere to the principle of "being considerate, natural, professional and friendly" to learn from the experience and create the same reason for the guests with "empathy" service.

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